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Smear&Fear (Obama's Campaign)

I would love to be able to say Romney has this election in the bag but I am afraid it is not so. Why?  Because Obama campaign of smear and fear is working.

Romney is either to timid or feels if he stays the course on the state of our economy that will do it (given the dismal failure of the current White House on these matters one would think it would be good enough) but we are a country of diverse people and Romney needs to reach out and expand himself.

I personally have no doubt the man can run this country and be amazing at it. Not just the economy but social issues, our defense, foreign affairs, budget, spending/no spending, schools, society's down trodden, state rights, and much much more.  He is a nice guy--maybe to nice right now.

Obama jumps on anything to create smear campaigns against Romney with a left leaning more than willing MSM at his side.  For example--take the current "caught on tape" and released by none other than that pillar of lies "mother Jones" regarding off the cuff remarks Romney made at a fund raiser regarding 47% of people who rely on the government for everything.  He simply pointed out they were and will forever be in Obama corner. Nothing earth shattering here--it is in fact the truth.  While Romney wants to concentrate on the tax paying, hard working middle class who so very often is promised the world but ends up getting the short end of the stick.

This feeds into Obama claims that Romney will gut SS, Medicare etc.. thus creating fear. A fear with no basis in fact.  But folks are buying it and that worries me.
Romney needs to own his comments and expand on them--then move on to the Arab world on fire having killed our ambassador and other personal in what has always been a sacred trust between countries.  Romney stop worrying about sensibilities and call it what it is--one and act of war and the other--a man who has zero record to run on and there for sinks to the tactics I just expressed.

For anyone who votes his pocket book--I feel sorry for you. This country was founded on freedom--a freedom that is now under attack by our government.  Obama policy of appeasement and apology (middle east) is responsible for all that has happened there--not some dumb movie on you tube--protected by the way by freedom of speech.
Wake up--Islam is at least honest about who they are and what they believe--top of the list is wiping out Israel and then going after all of us infidels (either believe and follow sharia or die). There is no negotiation with this type of intolerance.

One more thing--SS, Medicare--its broke and if not fixed--there will be no money for anyone.  Blame both parties who have raided those trust funds to pay for their pet projects.
Any country that turns her back on Israel will loose Gods protection--God help us.


High Tech

Taking a bit of a break from politics and the disturbing news out the middle east (just for now)--lets talk tech :)

Computers, smart phones, droids, IPhone, dvr, HD TV, digital camera, ipod, ipad, kindle, GPS, net-book and lap tops--to name a few.
As part of the 50/60's generation I did not shy away from the tech revolution--I love it and I embrace it!  Granted I have had a few issues with one set of gadgets and that would be the smart phones--by the time I figure one out they are on to the next generation.  I think I am one of the only people I know that still has a land line phone lol.

Give this grandmother a break--I remember when black and white TV was high tech--forget cell phones--we did not even have cordless phones.  I remember my first Princess phone--it was sleek and pink with the new push button dialer! Wow--that was something. Oh and Brownie cameras--one needed film for that as well as having to develop said film.

I was a teenager when color came to television--like HD today--not all programs were in color. We had 4 channels that ended at around midnight except on weekends we had a few extra hours before that weird screen popped up--basically letting us know it was time for bed or read a book.

NO vcr's, dvd players--if you missed your show--you missed it.  Music? Ahhhh black circles called records that had to be played on a record player and if you did well you could have sterio sound. Those needles--for the arm of the player--expensive and always breaking. 

Yes--I have watched modern tech change our world in a very few short years. Of course for todays kids they have known nothing else. I sometimes forget that when I am talking to them--they look at me with a blank stare--its like oh yes--they have no clue what I am talking about lol.

Next post--some of my favorite early tech and memories.  Would love to hear from others--so join in!



DNC Debacle

 When is two thirds no longer two thirds?  When Obama and his minions scramble to vote God and Jerusalem back into their Democratic convention platform. An "oversight" according to the DNC chair woman and resident crazy-- Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  An oversight that went unnoticed until day two of the convention.  The news cycle spent day one pointing out the absence of the above thus the scramble and an embarrassing debacle.

They needed a two thirds majority in order to alter the platform and so what should have a been a simple vote became an absurdity since the negative vote was clearly equal to if not more than the positive votes. But hey--this is the Dems and they get a pass from most media. Really how does one forget God or Jerusalem especially when the Democrats rely a great deal on this countries Jewish vote?

In my last post I talked about Obama trading in fear as his campaign strategy and I think it is working and whats more he knows it. So much so he was willing to show his disdain of the two above oversights until someone realized perhaps he had crossed over a tad to soon.  It must be hard for Obama to deal with a country that contains many religious people-- even in his progressive socialist leaning party.  But it is these very "simple" folks he is counting on to keep him in office. (his word not mine)

People that hear the continued ads, speeches and out right lies about medicare, social security and other financial spins that Obama and his cohorts toss out at every chance.  Fear.....

For those who are on to him must know that a second four years will bring an Obama with gloves off.....


Obama 2012?

It is time once again to choose who will govern this country. Another 4 years of Obama? Or will it be a Republican victory with Mitt Romney?  Who will control the House and the Senate?  All election cycles are important but I can not help but feel that election 2012 will define the US and her people more than any other in recent history.

The Democratic party and Obama are now fully invested in their far left liberal ideals and the same can be said for the Republicans and their conservative stand. While I consider myself an independent I am also conservative and very concerned.  My concern is not that Obama might win again but more with how and why he may win again.  It sure will not be on his record for the last 4 years. So why then?  Fear....

 Obama is crafty and he knows if he tells the American people ( over and over) that the Republicans are going to take away Social Security and other programs many disabled and elderly people rely on the lie will become fact and the only thing that many will hear. Continue the same theme to an already devastated middle class and Obama never has to talk about his failed promises and horrible record.  All these worried people will forget it is Obama himself that has them tossing and turning at night.!   Thus my concern folks will vote out of fear--economic fear.  The economy is certainly a massive concern--so much so that another 4 years of Obama will make today's worries seem like the good times. 

A second term will unleash a man no longer driven by re-election concerns. He will push his agenda full speed and that is something to really fear.
More to come....


I am Stunned!

Why I am surprised at the goings on in Washington I do not really know. Since the Democrats took over I expected crazy but I never thought I would see both parties bring this country to the brink of financial default.

How dare they play politics (politics is what it is all about) with the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.  Seniors, the disabled, and our military--all who wonder if they will be paid come August 3rd!  It is a tactic of fear that Obama and the rest of the politicians have used against Americans while they each try to come out the "winner".

To late--there will be no winners even if they do manage to come to a deal at the last second.  As an independent, I am ready to throw them all out!


Obama and Israel

What can I say? I was horrified by Obama's speech last Thursday regarding Israel and the Palestinians. I was elated when Netanyahu told Obama "NO". 

For the past 2 days Obama has been stepping back from that speech or rather playing it down as he realized he was loosing a large base of donors (American Jews) and many American voters who stand with Israel.  I have much to say on this and will do so in the next few days.

In the mean time if anyone is interested in the actual history and reality of Israel and Palestinians. Simply do a search of this blog with those keys word.
More to come....


The Bad Guy is Dead

While this blog is not really ready for my return I could not pass up on the news of the week.  The wicked warlock is dead--as in Osama Bin Laden.  A covert operation by Special Forces and Navy Seals stormed a mansion (not a cave) in a well to do suburb in Pakistan (not the wild mountains) and shot him dead.
 Our special forces are to be congratulated and a nod can be given to Obama for not throwing out Bush's playbook. That is all the credit I will give Obama. He is giving himself enough credit on his own--(did you hear his speech?)

No more needs to be said as I am sure everyone is aware of Bin Laden's death by now. The real question is--Our we now safer with him gone?  The answer is an easy NO.  OBL has been nothing more than a figure head for years. Rendered rather useless once we began to fight back against terrorism.  Long ago the terrorist leader hand picked his successors and radical Islamic terror will continue as long as there are followers of insane Ideology--of which there are many.

Then there is our prez who is determined to destroy Israel by shoring up Iran and Syria while insisting tiny Israel give up land to a fictitious people called Palestinians (a quick search "Palestinians" in this blog will clue you in).  This is but one of Obama's dangerous foreign policies--there are many and for another day.

Right now I have a question or two--why the fast burial of OBL at sea?  Why would we care about his religion? He didn't.......Soon rumors that he is not dead will abound if they have not already. Elvis anyone? 

My next question is even more important and I can not help but laugh. Watching and reading the coverage of OBL's death has once again meant that reporters, politicians, and military folk have had to make full sentences using both Osama and Prez Obama's name.  I have never seen so many tongue twisted reporters in my life. They have all done it--when referring to Osama they say Obama and they keep doing it. They catch it--fix it and do it again 3 seconds later lol.  Not just on TV but in print as well. Sheesh............!

Its a hoot!  While the Dems feel that Obama has the 2012 race locked up now due to the killing of the aged and irrelevant terrorist OBL I wonder how many recounts will be needed when they vote for Osama lol????

;) Later